Turbozone (4 ONLY)


Density: 100%

Born with:

10 Extra Bombs

1 The Boot

10 Roller Skates

1 Golden Fireface

1 Boxing Glove

You want to get the whole site at home?

No problem, just click here (366kB)

You have problems running Atomic Bomberman with Win98?

You just get the answer: "Disconnect the joystick!" by Interplay?

Thanx, I always played with joystick!

So, what to do now? Just get into your "Control Panel". Get the tab for gamecontrollers. Get into "Advanced". Select your Joystick and press "Change...". Change your joystick to "2" instead of "1". Here you are. Now it should work with Win98!

OK, there is still a little problem! You can play with joystick, but you are not able to change your colour, because you don't get back to Joy1 again. So keep playing black or white.



Only for German users:

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